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Please note that parts of the insurance policies of the National Trust and its Associations do not cover members over the age of 90 years. Members and others over this age participate in Association activities at their own risk.

To see the National Trust's note to Supporter Groups about insurance cover click here. The words in red were added by us to highlight the change in age limit from 80 to 90 years.

The cover provided by the Trust is limited. If you wish to ensure that you have fuller cover we urge you, particularly in the case of holidays, to seek professional advice.

Cost etc

The price of outings includes the coach travel and the driver's gratuity. It includes morning coffee on the journey only if it has been possible for the organiser to pre-book.

When we visit National Trust properties, please remember to bring your NT membership card, otherwise you'll have to pay to get in. If you're not a Trust member then you'll have to pay for entry.

Where we visit non-National Trust properties the entrance fee is included in the price. If we visit an RHS property, we will refund the entry fee to you if you have been able to use your membership to gain free or reduced price entry. Some RHS properties only allow free access at certain times. We make a refund rather than offering a reduced booking price for the outing, in case you forget to bring your card with you, or can't use it for any reason.

HHA properties no longer allow members in free if they're part of an organised group visit

Bookings etc

Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis, and can't be dealt with over the telephone. A reservation list is kept for over-subscribed outings, and places are offered in accordance with the date a booking is received by the organiser.

If you need to cancel, providing it is more than three weeks before the date of the outing, a full refund will be given, less a 5 administration fee. After that a refund will only be given if the seat or seats can be passed to someone else. Please don't offer your tickets to somebody else. Contact the organiser who will offer them to the next people on the waiting list.

How to book

We're not yet sophisticated enough to do bookings online. You'll need to use the forms that come with each Newsletter.

We ask for a separate cheque for each outing. We realise that some people find this a chore. The reason is that we don't bank your cheques until just before the outing takes place. That way if the outing has to be cancelled for any reason we can simply return your cheques, rather than writing out lots of our own cheques to everyone who booked. We may also ask that you leave the date blank if you're booking more than 6 months ahead.


Outings can involve considerable walking and stair climbing so members with mobility difficulties should seek guidance from the organiser before booking. Group volunteers leading the visit will not be able to spend time with an individual attendee, but every effort will be made to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable outing.

Please note: the wearing of seat belts on coaches is now a legal requirement and is compulsory. Do please observe this as the coach operator may be subject to penalties if this is not complied with.


Click here to see the pick-up timetables. We usually leave for home around 4pm, but this varies with the venue.

This page was last updated 29 January 2024

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